Recommendation Hotel Near East District in Singapore

What comes to your mind when hearing ‘Changi’? That’s right! Singapore Airport. I am going to admit that Singapore Changi Airport itself is very mesmerizing. It’s like a miniature of Singapore, no wonder it was nominated as one of the best airports in the world.  However, do you know Changi isn’t about airports only? Changi is basically a district in east Singapore which is bordered by Pasir Ris and Tampines to the west and Changi Bay to the east that makes one of two water buffers on the island of Singapore and is the largest district in the country by area.

That is why there are many hotels option that is available in this area. If you are looking for a place to stay for your short vacation, I think this location should be on your list, though. Let’s see if village hotel Changi or hotel 81 Changi will suit you.

The Beautiful Village Hotel Changi

Village Hotel Changi which is located on Netheravon Road is near to transportation, public facilities, and sports centers in Singapore. This hotel is suitable for business trips or family vacations, where there are 2 swimming pools and also close to the harbor. In addition, village hotel Changi also provides halal restaurants for those of you who are Muslim. I am happy about this hotel. The large room and facing the sea make this hotel very comfortable to relax in. If you are staying at this village hotel Changi, you should try Saltwater Restaurant, which serves Singapore seafood. Not only that, but they also serve typical Singaporean food, as we see in the Crazy Rich Asians movie.

Food Paradise, Hotel 81 Changi

Let’s discuss another one, hotel 81 Changi. This hotel is near a food stall, so you don’t need to worry when hunger strikes at midnight. This place is only taking a 5-minute walk to the nearest MRT station. For those who like being mobile and enjoy public transport life in Singapore, hotel 81 Changi is a perfect fit for you.

This hotel provides you with express facilities for business trippers who are always in a rush, including a hairdryer. We all know Singapore is a humid country which makes us sweat a lot, so washing our hair every morning might be necessary. Hotel 81 Changi might be suitable for solo travelers, business trippers, or bachelor travel, due to its minimalist facilities, but the surroundings surely spoiled you with Singaporean experiences, such as; traditional food, local bar, shops, and the old city vibes of Singapore. It is perfect to fill your Instagram feed. Other than that, you might want to feel the vibe of Nick Young from the Rich Crazy Asians movie, this location can make you feel as if you were in the movie.

When it comes to hotel selection, it is based on everyone’s own choices and preferences. Tourists might only know Singapore for Sentosa Island, but rarely know that the eastern district of Singapore can also give you more experiences to get to know more about Singaporeans. Both village hotel Changi and hotel 81 Changi have their offering, however, clearly recommended. If these hotels happen to be your choice, book your room now on Traveloka.

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