Do you want to go on a holiday soon and enjoy your experience there with all the pre-bookings and guidance? Package holidays are holidays planned with the assistance of travel agents that help you in booking your tickets, accommodations, and stays at various places with guidance from the agent related to the places you should pay a visit to. However, selecting a travel agent or a provider can make you think of the credibility of the person, for this visit Britainreview for customer reviews and opinions to make it easy for you to select a package and a provider.

These UK vacation agent reviews can help you sort out the problem of selecting a travel agent provider in your area in the UK. They can even guide you on how to travel on a budget and save the additional charges you will need to invest in other sources. This guide helps you unveil the best and worst considered package holiday providers in the UK.

Best package holiday providers

1. Co-op Travel

Co-op travel is the UK’s most trusted package holiday provider with five-star ratings from the customers for their services. It is considered a cheap provider of holiday accommodations and stays charges in different regions and customers took great interest in booking with them for their services. It has good customer ratings for its cooperative nature towards them.

2. Mercury Holidays

Mercury Holidays is considered the reliable package provider in the UK by customers as their packages are negotiable and customers can bargain on reasonable prices with various packages from high pricing and luxury facilities to low pricing reasonable packages. Customers of Mercury holiday are more impressed with the services they offer to the customers and their customer contact responses were considered good.

Worst package holiday providers in the UK

· Balkan Holidays

Balkan holidays used to be praised for their package services before the pandemic, however, their services worsened after the world was hit by a pandemic. Customers were disappointed with the accommodations they offered to them with very few facilities at high rates. That’s the reason they received very less rating stars as compared to others.

· Best at travel

Best at travel is average for its services yet, the customer ratings were so low for them due to less hospitality provided at airports as compared to the promised services. Other than that customers of this provider were disappointed in the slowing down of the refund process for their money as soon as the pandemic came. They have received below four stars for their services and a percentage below 70%.


Looking at some aspects of the holiday package provider companies, there is an equal amount of good and worse in the companies and some lack the services others provide and vice versa. However, some companies and providers received a downfall on the verge of pandemic and were smooth with their working before but lost customers due to not adapting to the new global cause and not supplying the customers with the best services.